International Folk Dancing Performed By
One World Folk Dancers
(Colorado - Denver Metro area)

One World Performers, Denver, Colorado - October 2007 (left to right: John, Sheila, Polly, Beverly, Louise, Maureen, Lynn, Bruce, and Toni who is not present)

Ethnic dances performed from various countries around the world including Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, and others, with a mix of colorful costumes makes watching our dance group a very different experience and a particularly enjoyable one for adults and children alike.  

Our format includes a mixture of fast dances with intricate footwork as well as slow, quiet dances done to lullabies and love songs.  The music and dance is authentic and presented as it would be done by the local village people in the town square. We wear ethnic costumes from around the world, many of which are sewn, hand embroidered and even designed by the dancers themselves.  Our choreography can be changed to fit almost any performance venue; gym floor, stage, indoor area or outdoors.   In addition to the performance, an audience participation segment is frequently included if requested.

One World Folk Dancers have performed professionally at the Renaissance Fair, Western Nebraska Community College Shakespeare Fest in Boulder, Denver University Culturefest, Oktoberfest Denver, as well as numerous retirement homes and county fairs around the Denver area.  They also perform regularly for schools and local libraries where children and adults often join in after the performances to participate in less difficult dances taught by One World performers.

   Who We Are...

For additional information or to schedule a performance,
please contact Sheila, who can be reached by phone at
(303) 377-4111 or by e-mail at: 
 In addition to performing, One World Folk Dancers also dance recreationally,
 and invite any who are interested to join them at the following locations:
 Thursday evenings in Denver:   Denver Area Folk Dancers (DAFD)
    Friday evenings in Boulder:   Boulder International Folk Dancers (BIFD)